“The Hook”


This distinctive 7″ Damascus Steel with Gut-hook knife is the invaluable tool when you are in the field. This knife will hold its edge so that it is sharp and ready to go when you need it most. This knife is the true example of what a Gut-hook is supposed to be. Whether you are in the field or at home, this knife will allow you to easily get the work done. You will be the talk around the fire as you can show off this amazing knife to those in your camp.

Being made from a combination of 1095 and 15n20 steel, the high carbon content from the 1095 steel allows this knife to have a strong and sharp blade that won't dull after just a single use, along with a treated hardwood handle, this knife is what you need when it is time to dress your game.

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Overall Length


Blade Length

3 1/8"

Made In -


Handle Material

Treated Walnut HardWood


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